Roberta Brescianini & Alessia Fatone
Roberta Brescianini & Alessia Fatone

    Alessia Fatone:

    I’m an Italian glass lampworker, with passion for manual arts since my birth.

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    My main artistic work is based on collaborating with designers and creative minds to materialize their own ideas.

    I consider glass as a tailor considers fabrics: something not identifiable with an object but with a performing idea.

    My aim is to learn teachings from tradition and going beyond it to give glass a new interpretation.

    Meeting Roberta was due to many coincidences and strange connections of life resulting in a challenging and hard work experience and a honest friendship.

    Roberta Brescianini:

    My great passions are, Kikyo my wire-haired dachshund, Kendo a Japanese martial art and, of course, Trollbeads, which I collect for several years, fascinated by the magic that each of them contains.

    When I was a kid was making bracelets with small glass beads dreaming that they, in the night, could light up, so to accompany my sleep and the sleep of all the world’s children. “Inner Glow”, with Trollbeads, is a dream come true.

    The collaboration of Alessia Fatone, to create the first prototypes of the photoluminescent bead, was a very interesting and constructive experience for me.


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