Paul Krans
Paul Krans

    Paul Krans was born in a rural environment and this made him well aware of nature at a very young age. The awareness grew into love and passion for all things alive. Green became the favorite color and spring the favorite season. As a young adult, design became his second passion.

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    And while working as a Bartender and Model, he studied Fashion at the Higher Art School, followed by Communications at University.

    After University he worked as a Deputy Director for a Holding Company, teaching him everything he needed to know about business, while in his free time he worked with animals and people with multiple disabilities. After a few years in the world of business, he started missing the creative side and it was time for him to return to his roots.

    Today he mostly design brand identities and his holidays are all about exploring nature around the world. Over the past few years he started designing jewelry. 

    Paul Krans is one of the winners of People's Bead 2013 and designed Will for the Traditional Sayings Collection.

    “I get inspired in so many different ways: a fragrance, a color, a tree, an animal, a sound, a word..... Maybe it's best to say I get inspired by life itself. Life is beautiful when you're ready to see it for what it is.”


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