Morten Pol Engell Nørregård
Morten Pol Engell Nørregård

    Goldsmith, designer, scientist, inventor. It is not entirely obvious how to describe Morten Engell-Nørregård. His insatiable curiosity has always driven him to explore new ideas and seek new knowledge.

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    Here he decided to pursue a career in research and took first his master's degree in computer science and then a Ph.d. at Copenhagen University on physically based simulation of human movement, a topic that can be applied in the development of prostheses for the disabled as well as in robotics. He continues to work as a researcher, but has now also returned to his jewelers roots as a designer for Trollbeads.

    "For as long as I can remember, I have always made things with my hands. Inspiration comes to me from everything that surrounds me and I have to channel it into objects and shapes. It's almost an involuntary process. In order to realize my ideas, I have always hunted knowledge of how different materials are processed, ranging from clay, wax, wood, and paper, to virtual 3D objects in computers. I will always return to metal though. There is something in the process of working with metal that never ceases to fascinate me.”


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