Milos Tutus
Milos Tutus

    I completed classical sculpture at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. I've always been interested in the combination of classical art and software/hardware technology, and how it will affect each other in the future.

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    Zbrush is the primary software I use, because it provides an intuitive and traditional sense of modelling with all the advantages of software capabilities. Thanks to this, I have the opportunity to work on various and inspiring projects; character and collectable figurine modelling, portrait modelling, digital sculpting for public monument and projects, toy design, game design etc.

    I approach the creation of jewelry for Trollbeads as modelling a sculpture that will become a miniature. It's an exciting process. It gives me a chance to feel the meditative state and the timeless sense of creation that is very rare.

    I am inspired by nature, companionship, archaeology, psychology, literature, film, and travel. I am particularly interested in Jung's psychology of personal and collective unconscious, images of dreams and archetypal symbols... which together constitute deep human resources of creative expression. Like a big ocean and depending on where we swim, dive and where the current takes us, we can encounter a variety of images and forms. From hidden bruised depths to exotic coral reefs.

    I am happy and honoured to have been given the opportunity to be one of the jewelry designers for Trollbeads and contribute to the beautiful jewelry - magical works of miniature.


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