Jytte Kløve
Jytte Kløve

    Goldsmith Jytte Kløve has completed over 25 years of her very active career. Behind her she has an impressive number of exhibitions both at home and abroad. She has also been honoured by numerous awards and grants.

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    Jytte works from her own workshop in Lyngby, Denmark and describes her creative process like this:

    "I am standing at the helm of a ship sailing into the future. My cargo is securely stowed in the hold below me. The view from the bridge is wonderful - no two outlooks on the real world are alike.

    Each day brings a new sunrise, new colors, because each morning adds yet another day to life and anything can happen."

    Without blinking, she climbs up on the big trampoline and does a flying somersault. "Yes - I go to trampoline class. There is another person on the team who is a little older - he's 24!"


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