Josefine R. Smith
Josefine R. Smith

    Josefine Rønsholt Smith is a Copenhagen-based goldsmith and jewelery designer. She graduated from the Institute of Precious Metals in Copenhagen in May 2013 and with a Master of Art from Birmingham City University's School of Jewelry in September 2014.

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    “I tend to work with both geometric shapes as well as the more organic. I enjoy working as a goldsmith with bespoke work, but designing for Trollbeads has given me the opportunity to play with the animistic and define myself within the long design tradition of the company which has always been of great interest to me."

    "As many of the other designers and a long time maker of small things, I have definitely started suffering from "Doll House Syndrome...".


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    Bead Loro Feliz
    $ 1,250.00
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