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    A gift of flowers that never fades. Find the perfect gift with lasting flowers in all the colors of the rainbow. 
    Flowers are very popular at Trollbeads. There’s just something special about the shape and colors encased in glass, both the round and faceted. Just like nature, Trollbeads has a myriad of colors that you can put on your bracelet. 
    If you’re looking for an exclusive gift inspired by flowers and nature, the beautiful Daisy Bead in silver and gold is perfect. You can combine it with Sunshine Flower Armadillo Bead and Clarity Flower Bead, and create a special flower bouquet and complete it with a Rose Clasp.

    For some, flowers are a reminder of their beautiful garden. For others it's all about the love for nature. Whatever it is that you love about flowers, Trollbeads can help you find jewelry that tells that part of your story, with gold, silver, or glass.