Anatoliy Kuritsyn
Anatoliy Kuritsyn

    “It is amazing how the world of traditional art and digital sculpture can intertwine. This has opened up a fascinating, new world to me.”

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    Anatoliy Kuritsyn is a 3D artist from Kirov, Russia. He has always admired the art of painting and sculpture. The way real masters can convey thought and feeling through canvas, stone, or metal.

    Anatoliy Kuritsyn thinks it has been an interesting journey to work with the Trollbeads design team. His other passion is computer graphics, digital sculpture. And he thinks it's amazing, how these two worlds can intertwine in our time.

    Working with 3D sculpture opens a lot of space for imagination to find the right shape. It's an exciting feeling when you make a model using a tablet, looking at the monitor, and after a while you hold it in your hands already made of real silver.


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